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candlelight vigil

It looks like I’ve waited a little too long to blog about my experience at Zombie Run.  A week ago Sunday, it was exciting to run though the campy horror-fantasy, but today posting pics and going on about death at a race event does not seem the thing to do.  So, another time for that.  My 6k run in Berlin Park yesterday evening could hardly approach the impact and dedication of a world-class marathon, but I ran it as an offering of love and healing to everyone affected by the madness in Boston.

This has truly been a season of Monkey Mind for me, but Monkey Experience has been keeping pace.  New romantic curiosities, absurdly awful (non)communications, another easeful friendship deepening. There was the closing of Fluid Nightclub, where I rediscovered essential bits of my being.  Played at a great event last week, the first Hub City Music Festival, and got to share the stage with old friends who I admire hugely. I’ve been asked by a friend to write a song or poem about the problem of transphobia, so I’ve been letting those thoughts percolate.  There isn’t a whole lot on the official schedule, but that is actually a good thing right now.  My brain is busy catching up to a thousand details.

I keep trying to find words to express how I feel about the Boston Marathon bombing, but they don’t show up.  It seems as if I couldn’t say it any better than the compassionate internet memes that are already trying.  Petty concerns of all of the above – and just about anything – are snapped way back into perspective.  I am recognizing more than ever how music and art soothe and teach, learn, respond, and heal.  So, yes. More of that, please.  At this moment, I am much more a listener than a maker of sounds.  I will, however, be chanting kirtan this Sunday in Langhorne, PA – the more voices the better:

I want to be sure of what I think I believe and how I behave that I believe – that by living quietude we can have a small part in helping quiet the angriness in the world.


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